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Tsifliki (Driros) beach

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Beach description

The Tsifliki community is situated 13km to the north of Agios Nikolaos, along the route that links Elounda to the charming village of Plaka. This area is blanketed by olive groves and boasts stunning vistas of Elounda’s lagoon and the former leper colony, Spinalonga Fortress.

The local beaches are sandy, interspersed with occasional rocky areas, and feature tranquil waters. The beach named Dreros, after a nearby hotel, is abundant with tamarisk trees that stand close to the shoreline. The hotel has excellently maintained this beach, making it a perfect destination for families. The serene sea, the tree shadows that reach the beach, and the basic facilities of an organized beach all contribute to its appeal. Plus, the shops of Plaka and Elounda are conveniently nearby.

As previously noted, the most frequented beach in Tsifliki is named after an old hotel, Dreros. This name is not coincidental; it references the ancient Doric city of Dreros, positioned above the modern town of Neapolis. Dreros was home to the Dorians who came to Crete in 1125 BC, as well as the Eteokrites, who are indigenous Cretans and Minoan descendants. The hotel’s original proprietor hailed from Neapoli and named it Dreros in honor of his hometown’s ancient nearby city.