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Souda beach

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Beach description

Souda is nestled 41km to the southwest of Rethymno city, and a mere 3km east from the bustling resort of Plakias. Don’t mistake it for Souda Bay, the natural harbour of Chania city. It is, in fact, the final beach along the Plakias seafront, known as Yialia, commencing at Shinaria many kilometers away. Situated at the mouth of a verdant valley, Souda is crisscrossed by the Finikas river, which flows all year round. Cretan palm trees of Theophrastus, native to the area, flourish along the river and numerous other locations, establishing Souda as a significant refuge for the species.

In the midst of this stunning landscape, a sandy beach stretches out, adored by all who visit. However, this affection can quickly turn to annoyance when the northern winds whip up the sand, blasting unsuspecting swimmers. The landscape today bears no resemblance to the secluded paradise of the 90s, where a narrow dirt path led to a rocky shoreline and a sparsely populated nudist beach. While nudists still frequent the area, they no longer enjoy the same level of comfort. The beach is now more accessible with paved roads, organized facilities, umbrellas, and showers. There are several taverns and accommodations nearby. The rocky beach edges offer ideal conditions for fishing and snorkeling. A few benches can be found above the eastern rocks on the main road, offering panoramic views of the South Cretan Sea.