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Lagoufa beach

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Beach description

Lagoufa, situated just beyond the easternmost point of Makrigialos main beach, is located about 59km southeast of Agios Nikolaos and 24km east of Ierapetra. It is composed of two neighboring coves close to the upscale hotels of Makrigialos. The first cove boasts fine golden sand and shallow, azure waters, and is well-equipped with amenities such as umbrellas, bars, showers, and water sports facilities, courtesy of the nearby hotel. Despite its seemingly private nature, the beach is accessible to all as there are no privately owned beaches in Greece.

Entry to the Lagoufa beaches can be gained either via the hotels or by traversing the rocky eastern edge of Makrigialos beach, a journey that requires a brief walk through shallow waters. From the first cove, a wooden walkway leads to the beach furthest east. Below this walkway, tiny beaches have formed in the rocky limestone, and in certain areas, fresh water can be seen seeping from the rocks or sand.