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Ahlia beach

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Beach description

Ahlia, also known as Achlia, is situated 50km southeast of Agios Nikolaos and 15km east of Ierapetra, within the jurisdiction of the village Schinokapsala. It’s a small community nestled in a cove, with the Thrypti Range’s steep slopes and pine trees surrounding it. The cove opens up into a stunning beach with coarse sand and vibrant blue water. The beach has minimal development, with only a few umbrellas, water sports, and some nearby accommodations, mini markets and taverns. Tamarisk trees provide shade for visitors, and the sea is usually calm. This location is perfect for a tranquil vacation, particularly for families.

The Achlia Gorge, which is small but reasonably wide, begins west of the Skinokapsala village at the Kipos location. The gorge, covered in pine trees, ends at Ahlia beach. During winter, water from the Thripti Range forms a river with several waterfalls (between 5 to 8 meters high) along its path. As the sandstone walls are not narrow, hiking is relatively easy without the need for canyoning equipment.

To get to Ahlia, take the main road east to Makrigialos, following the southern coastline of Crete, until you see the signpost for Ahlia. East of Ahlia, before reaching the Agios Panteleimonas community, you’ll find the small beach known as Bonda or Grias Pidima.