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️Almyros Beach: The Star Gem of Agios Nikolaos, Crete Island

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  • Posted 1 year ago

Almyros beach is 2.5 kilometres south of Agios Nikolaos and is the city’s most popular beach.

If you do not have a car, you could walk the pedestrian street (5′) that runs along the rocky coastline north of the beach from Agios Nikolaos city centre. The trail begins at Gargadoros beach, which is 5 minutes south of the town’s marina. If you have a car, Almyros beach is easily accessible too, because it is located beneath the main road. Parking is available adjacent to the wetland and the eastern part of the roadway.

The beach is shaped around the mouth of the Almyros River, which empties on the beach’s south end. The protected wetland of Almyros, located next to the beach, is home to various rare birds, tall eucalyptus trees, reed, and few palm trees.

The beach is extremely lengthy and well-maintained. It is sandy, and the water is shallow and usually smooth, making it perfect for young children in particular. There is a canteen in the region, and there are numerous water sports alternatives. Because of the year-round flow of the river, the seawater is unusually chilly in some locations. Small hotels and residences can be found on the beach’s southern end.

Almyros River in the summer

‍The legend of Almyros beach

The limitless saltwater of Almyros is flowing through the rushes and reeds. Analipsis (Ascension) Church stands beneath the shady cover of giant eucalyptus trees just next to the beach.

The beach and wetland of Almyros, which are rich in tales, are shrouded in mystery. Many residents have described the existence of fairies that were washed during the moonlit nights in the Almyros sources and were taking away the voices of careless passersby, but they were also correcting the fate of households that were trying to whitewash their wool and their new braided dowry, were simultaneously giving gifts, and they were defining the fate of single.

Regardless of the tales, the women of Agios Nikolaos used to come to Almyros beach to do their laundry in the river, among the reeds and towering eucalyptus trees. It was a type of ritual, since they spent their entire day at the river, singing and eating under the trees. Since then, the Almyros marsh, which was located immediately adjacent to Almyros beach, has been one of Agios Nikolaos’ most important wetlands.

Almyros beach from the top

Activities you can do at the Almyros beach

Probably you will soak up the sun rays on the sunbeds and get that famous holiday tan. The beach’s sunbeds are owned by Agios Nikolaos municipality, and Miramare Hotel and Blue River rent them from the municipality. So you may come across different pricing but overall you can pay 2,50 euros for a sunbed and 2 euros for an umbrella.

You may also visit Akis’ water sports facilities and experience a banana boat tour, a water scooter drive, an inflatable water park, a water ski, and many more activities! Akis is very friendly and helpful; you will feel safe trying even the trickiest of them.

Of course, if water sports are not your thing, you have plenty of space around to do some volleyball or football if you prefer. Most definitely if you are the person carrying the ball, you will notice how a magnet you can become to the people on the beach and make new friends. Sometimes you can see the local football team training on the beach.

After endless hours of sand play, you and your family may relax with a bite in the beach canteen. If you’re with your significant other, or even with your buddies, you can start partying early with a cocktail or a beer from the canteen.

Explore the area around the river and snap photos of the little bridges that allow you to go to the other side. If you’re feeling adventurous, you may jump into the freezing river and let the water carry you out to sea. That is the ideal cryotherapy and local children’s favourite game!!!

Almyros Beach: Drone view

The Best Restaurants near Almyros Beach

Blue River

Blue River pool bar and restaurant

When you have enjoyed enough the beach, you can hop into Blue River’s pool (yes, it’s that close! The only thing you have to do is cross the river)

The Blue River is an outdoor location where you can taste Greek-Mediterranean cuisine while overlooking the sea from a wooden pergola. Throughout the day, you may also enjoy a coffee, a drink, or a refreshing smoothie made with the finest seasonal ingredients at the pool bar. There is a huge swimming pool with stunning views of the Aegean Sea and the sandy beach of Almyros.


Diktamos Restaurant nearby Almyros Beach

The lovely stone-walled restaurant overlooks the pool area of the Naiades hotel, which is close to Almyros beach. At night, the sound of Cretan music and the smell of wonderful traditional meals cooked in a wood oven bring the place to life. You may dine indoors with complete air conditioning or even outside near the pool. Every day, a lunch and supper buffet is served, with a menu to suit all preferences.

The Best Hotels near Almyros Beach

The Island Concept Boutique Hotel

The Island concept boutique hotel

If you’re seeking sheltered luxury, this is the place to be. This Boutique Hotel, located on its own isolated small peninsula, embodies quiet luxury and unrivalled Greek hospitality. The architectural design of the hotel respects and authentically serves the austere aesthetics of Greek simplicity.

Naiades Almiros River Hotel

A traditional, family-run hotel located near to the beautiful Almyros beach. This tranquil setting is approximately 2 kilometres from the centre of Agios Nikolaos and stands alongside the magnificent Almyros River, which is teeming with animals and natural beauty. The ideal location for people who like a relaxing, pleasant atmosphere combined with the genuine Cretan hospitality seen in smaller hotels.

Almiros Sand Apartments

The Sand Suites – Adults Only

Almiros Sand Appartments in Agios Nikolaos provides accommodation only steps from the beach. The property is 1.9 kilometres from Agios Nikolaos Port. On-site private parking is available for a fee. Free WiFi is available and each apartment is air-conditioned.

Miramare Resort and Spa

Miramare Resort and Spa: Almyros beach Crete

Miramare is a charming hotel, bungalow, and Luxury Villas complex. It is located in a wonderful and serene setting just above the seafront, with a breathtaking view of the charming village of Agios Nikolaos and the Mirabello Bay between two completely organized beaches giving complete amenities and a wide range of water activities.

Useful information about Almyros Beach

  • Almyros beach is repeatedly awarded by the Blue Flag organization(Blue Flag Beaches on Crete)
  • Lifeguards are on standby for most of the day
  • On the beach, there are also showers, toilets and a place to change
  • There is wheelchair access to the beach and the toilets
  • People with mobility difficulties have access to the sea through a special installation on the beach
People with mobility difficulties have access to the sea through a special installation on the Almyros beach

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